5 Casual Outfits: How to Wear Black Dress with Denim Jacket

2018-09-12 Style with Jackets

What can be easier to style than a classic black dress and a denim jacket? They are the basics of the wardrobe. But styling the basics is the hardest. Read more

Simple Guide to Styling Cute Outfits with Brown Boots

2018-08-01 In brown

It is hard to imagine a fall season without a pair of brown boots. The brown boots are of different textures and designs. One of the most popular models, which is always presented in the designer collections is suede ankle boots with lower or higher heels. Read more

Create An Eye-Catching Image With The Help Of A Lipstick

2018-06-15 Lipstick

The right colors are able to help you easily create the desired eye-catching look. That’s exactly why you have to always take your skin tone, eye and hair color into account when willing to apply or try new makeup. Girls rarely take their seasonal color analysis seriously and make lots of mistakes when putting makeup on. Both makeup and outfit have to be suitable for you, such a way you’ll be able to create an unforgettable image. Read more

On The Way To Creating A Stunning Look

2018-05-14 Beauty hairstyles

The right makeup is able to make you look even more eye-catching, as well as help you emphasize all your good sides. It’s important to be aware of what eyeshadow, lipstick and blush to apply in order for them to look brilliant and match your blue eyes and brown hair. The suitable makeup will make it possible for you to create a stunning look and feel confident no matter what. Read more

Different Hairstyle Variants To Look Good On Black Women

2018-03-22 Good hairstyles

Making a choice of a suitable hairstyle is always a hard challenge, especially for black women. The key reason is that black thick hair is unique and needs much more maintenance, than thin hair. It is very difficult for black women to decide what hair color and length they want to wear, because of an extra hair thickness and skin tone. Some of them are afraid of short haircuts, since natural dark hair is curly and it takes a huge amount of time to style it. Others are afraid of all hair colors, except black, because they don’t know whether it suits them or not. Read more