What outfits can I wear with over the knee boots

Women’s boots – this is the most classic version of shoes, which is perfectly combined with dresses. However, because of the variety of styles it is often difficult to find a harmonious combination of wear with over the knee boots. About how to create stylish images, combining wear with over the knee boots, you will learn in this article. Read more

5 Casual Outfits: How to Wear Black Dress with Denim Jacket

What can be easier to style than a classic black dress and a denim jacket? They are the basics of the wardrobe. But styling the basics is the hardest.

There are a lot of different ways to wear black and denim separately. But how many choices do you have when it comes to a classic combination of those two pieces? How deep can you go into styling a denim jacket and a plain black dress to create absolutely different looks?

The key rule to styling the basics is layering. Layer everything – clothes, colors, and textures. How? Let’s have a look.

5 Ways of Styling a Black Dress with Denim Jacket

Among those celebrities, who wear black and denim a lot, are Miranda Kerr, Vanessa Hudgens, Mandy Moore, and Dakota Johnson. And know what? They never look the same even if it is the same denim jacket and the same dress. But how do they manage to create such different outfits with such a simple piece of the wardrobe as a classic black dress?

As we have already mentioned above, there are tons of ways to wear a black dress and a denim jacket in absolutely new ways. The only rule is not to be afraid of layering.


  • For the first look, we’re going to get inspired by Vanessa Hudgens’ outfit. Complement a midi black dress and a light denim jacket with a dark brown cross-body bag, black and silver sandals and a pair of sunglasses. It is a great summer-autumn outfit for a day in the city.
  • For the next outfit, you’re going to need a black dress, a jacket, a leopard-print scarf, a pair of dark boots, and a black shoulder bag. The centrepiece of this look is a scarf.
  • The next look is a bright example of layering the pieces. On top of a black dress, get a sweater and a black denim jacket. Pick sweaters in different shades of beige. To finish the look, get a pair of dark sandals or boots and a small textured bag in white decorated with a dark scarf.
  • For the next look, get a maxi dress, a jacket, a pair of suede ankle boots in olive or sage, a black fedora, and a large shopper bag.
  • And the last but not the least, a long dress and a pair of sneakers. Add a denim jacket on top. Go for a black backpack for a more casual look.


It is a lot of fun playing with the basics of the wardrobe. You can create so many interesting looks with the same pieces. Give it a try too!

Simple Guide to Styling Cute Outfits with Brown Boots

It is hard to imagine a fall season without a pair of brown boots. The brown boots are of different textures and designs. One of the most popular models, which is always presented in the designer collections is suede ankle boots with lower or higher heels.

Even though it is a very popular model, not everyone knows how to pair it with other pieces of the wardrobe to create a million of different, but still stylish looks.

So, how to complement a pair of brown boots this year to look chic and beautiful?

Best Ideas for Outfits with Brown Boots

If you adore wearing ankle boots in autumn like a lot of celebrities do, you have tons of options for every day. Get inspired by celebrities like Lily Aldridge, Jennifer Garner and Hilary Duff to rock a pair of brown boots this season like a pro.

Brown boots can be easily found both in the mass market (Topshop, Forever 21, Zara, etc.) and luxury brands (Sam Edelman, Saint Laurent, etc.) every year.


Since you have the boots, use the ideas below to find your signature style.

  • The first look has the casual, fun vibe. Complement a pair of suede ankle boots with a black tank dress and a light denim jacket. Add a brown shoulder bag, which perfectly goes together with the color of the boots. You don’t have to pick the same shade of brown for both boots and bag. A bag can have a slightly lighter shade. This outfit is simple, but cute.
  • For the next look, get a pair of white shorts and a long tunic in tortilla or olive shade. Complement this with a pair of ankle boots and a leopard-print scarf. This outfit is perfect for the beginning of the fall season when the weather is still pretty warm.
  • Style a pair of light-brown suede boots with a baggy sweater in mocca and a pair of boyfriend jeans rolled up a little bit. Finish the outfit with a dark shopper bag and a pair of black sunglasses. You are ready to go.
  • For the next look, add a pop of color. You can wear the same light suede boots with a pink fuzzy sweater and a pair of light skinny jeans. Complement them with a brown bag, which perfectly goes together with brown shoes.
  • And the last but not the least, complement brown shoes with a leopard print skirt and a tucked in white T-shirt. Add a black bomber jacket on top. Complement this look with a black backpack and delicate jewelry pieces.

So, don’t hesitate about wearing brown boots in the fall. This piece of wardrobe is never out of fashion, especially when the weather is not too hot already and not too cold yet. Go and check your closet right away to see if you have those pieces, which can perfectly go with a pair of ankle boots.


Create An Eye-Catching Image With The Help Of A Lipstick

The right colors are able to help you easily create the desired eye-catching look. That’s exactly why you have to always take your skin tone, eye and hair color into account when willing to apply or try new makeup. Girls rarely take their seasonal color analysis seriously and make lots of mistakes when putting makeup on. Both makeup and outfit have to be suitable for you, such a way you’ll be able to create an unforgettable image.

Choosing the wrong lipstick shade, you not only ruin your overall look, but also start looking much older than your age. The right lipstick color will make it possible for you to always be trendy and fashionable, that’s why you need to be aware of all the most stylish shades to choose from. Purple color is really trendy nowadays, so let’s consider a few looks with purple lipstick on dark skin.

Purple Lipstick As A Trend

Lots of girls believe it’s not worth wearing purple lipstick in everyday life and it’s only suitable for a formal event. Nevertheless, it’s not. Nowadays, stylists and makeup artists suggest girls to give purple lipstick a try and apply it in everyday life. Such shade lets you create a more eye-catching, fabulous look and stand out from the crowd. It’s worth keeping in mind that purple lipstick has to match with your outfit and accessories, as well as it’s necessary you to choose matching blush and eyeshadow.

There is a great number of diverse purple shades, so each girl will be able to find the one which is suitable for her. Brunettes with dark skin tone may choose both vivid and dark purple lipstick, while blondes should give preference to darker purple shades. It’s also worth keeping in mind makeup with purple lipstick shouldn’t be too bright – the lips have to be the focus:

  • if you’re not good at applying makeup, then give preference to nude shades wearing minimum foundation and powder as well as applying natural eyeshadow;
  • if you are willing to emphasize your eyes more, then draw a thin line with an eyeliner and put a little highlighter in the inner corner, as well as contour your face with a bronzer.

Purple lipstick on dark skin lets a lady create a trendy, unforgettable image and always look stylish. Applying a makeup with purple lipstick, give preference to cool tones which match with purple shade and perfectly emphasize dark skin tone.

On The Way To Creating A Stunning Look

The right makeup is able to make you look even more eye-catching, as well as help you emphasize all your good sides. It’s important to be aware of what eyeshadow, lipstick and blush to apply in order for them to look brilliant and match your blue eyes and brown hair. The suitable makeup will make it possible for you to create a stunning look and feel confident no matter what.

Selecting The Right Makeup For Blue Eyes And Brown Hair

It’s worth choosing the makeup colors matching your overall look – your outfit, hairdo and accessories. Metallic and gray shades are perfect for both everyday and formal makeup letting, you create diverse looks and always feel comfortable wearing one or another makeup. Such shades emphasize your blue eyes making them deeper and making the color more saturated.

If you are willing to put on a more eye-catching makeup, then give preference to either cool or warm shades. The first category includes the following colors:

  • indigo;
  • blue;
  • bright blue;
  • ultramarine;
  • cornflower blue;
  • azure;
  • turquoise;
  • aquamarine;
  • navy blue;
  • cobalt blue;
  • lavender;
  • sapphire.

The most suitable warm shades for blue eyes are:

  • chocolate;
  • brown;
  • ochre;
  • terra cotta;
  • caramel;
  • beige;
  • pastel pink;
  • lilac;
  • peach;
  • bronze;
  • corral;
  • golden;
  • copper;
  • dark pink.

You have to not only pay attention to the vividness and saturation, but also take you hair and skin color as well as your outfit into account when selecting the right lipstick color. The following lipstick shades are suitable when it comes to makeup for blue eyes and brown hair: milk chocolate, burgundy, dark red, maroon, marsala, brick.

Ladies with light beige skin color should definitely give preference to red lipstick when selecting the best makeup for blue eyes and brown hair. You can also take such shades into consideration:

  • corral;
  • strawberry;
  • pink beige;
  • scarlet;
  • solferino red;
  • crimson;
  • sangria.

Vivid makeup always looks perfectly on women with dark hair (regardless of their skin tone), however it is not worth putting too much bright accents, but emphasize only one part – lips, eyes, brows, etc.

Natural Everyday Makeup For Blue Eyes And Brown Hair

Too bright makeup isn’t always suitable for everyday life, that’s exactly why it is suggested to give preference to a natural makeup. Natural makeup for girls with blue eyes and dark hair has to include pastel, nude, light tones – light pink lip balm, beige eye shadow, a little mascara and blush complimenting your skin tone.

It’s not required to apply too much foundation and powder in order them not to look like a mask as well as use eyeliner when putting on natural makeup. Give preference to shades which look natural on you and emphasize all your good sides, making it possible for you to feel confident in any situation and spend minimum time of applying makeup.

Different Hairstyle Variants To Look Good On Black Women

Making a choice of a suitable hairstyle is always a hard challenge, especially for black women. The key reason is that black thick hair is unique and needs much more maintenance, than thin hair. It is very difficult for black women to decide what hair color and length they want to wear, because of an extra hair thickness and skin tone. Some of them are afraid of short haircuts, since natural dark hair is curly and it takes a huge amount of time to style it. Others are afraid of all hair colors, except black, because they don’t know whether it suits them or not.

But every girl should remember, that changes are not something bad and it is interesting to try something new. Black hair gives a lot of opportunities for different haircuts and colors. As everyone knows, contrast colors always look good together, so blonde bob on black woman will definitely look amazing. And other bright colors and hair length are not an exception. In the list below every black woman can find some suitable cuts for herself. Everything depends on her desire and situation.

Haircut tips for black women

  • Cut The Length. Long healthy hair always looks good, but sometimes it is boring. Cutting the length is a great way to change the look and spend less time styling. Short hair still needs some maintenance, but it dries more quickly and styling process runs faster, then with longer hair. It is a lot of cuts to choose: shoulder or jaw length bob, flat, A-line or asymmetrical cut, short or extra chopped pixie, with or without bangs and even Mohawk.  
  • Leave The Curl. Some women always want to get rid of natural waves and curls with different stylers and hair straighteners, because it mostly looks not so sleek as they want to look like. And this is sad. Natural curls could be stylish and gorgeous. The main way is a proper daily hair care routine and treatment. Appropriate products will help to style everything as it is needed, which means hair always looks good.
  • Color Play. Black girls are able to choose every hair color they want. Dark skin looks amazing even with blue, violet, cranberry or yellow hair. More natural colors, like dark chocolate or caramel are also something to try on. Extra short coil curled pixie, A-line jaw-length cut, or blonde bob on black woman will definitely be the right choice. Everything depends on a lifestyle.

In spite of a skin color, every girl struggles with choosing a new suitable low-maintenance hairstyle. But natural black hair is really a challenge. Black women have to spend hours styling and getting rid of their hair and curls. But key to success is a full acceptance of their nature. Natural curls and thickness and beautiful skin tone allow them to wear every hairstyle and color they want. Blonde, caramel and chocolate bob cuts, violet, yellow and blue pixies. Everything looks gorgeous. Healthy hair will definitely look good, no matter what style it is, when it gets enough treatment and care products.