What outfits can I wear with over the knee boots

What outfits can I wear with over the knee boots

Women’s boots – this is the most classic version of shoes, which is perfectly combined with dresses. However, because of the variety of styles it is often difficult to find a harmonious combination of wear with over the knee boots. About how to create stylish images, combining wear with over the knee boots, you will learn in this article.

What dress combines with boots

Firstly, it is worth talking about the styles of dresses. After all, more often than not, they are what we are guided by when choosing shoes.

Dress with short sleeves

A fashionable trend of the last seasons is a combination of light dresses with short sleeves with purposefully rude boots or boots with high cuffs. To create a trendy look you can use a lightweight dress made of denim, textile, perforated leather or elegant lace. In the warm season such dresses can be combined with the original boots in the style of country or simply models with high cuffs.


If you can boast of slender legs and love the length of the mini, then in your closet in the cold season must be high boots, which are perfectly combined with short dresses. Under the short length will suit stocking boots or boots.

A dress-frontal

Office dress-cases with a pencil skirt do not lose their relevance among young working girls. This classic style advantageously emphasizes the advantages of the figure, while remaining discreet and elegant. With such dresses is recommended to combine classic boots on a low stable heel.

Warm dress

In the winter time of the year also you should not give up feminine bows. To stay elegant and charming in colder times, we are helped by warm dresses. The most popular option is a knitted sweater dress or tunic.

Knitted knitted dresses with voluminous braids or elegant patterns are well combined with high flat-soled boots. In this image would not be superfluous and thick tights. And if you decide to pick up short boots under the knitted dress, they can be complemented by stylish knitted gaiters.

New Year’s

For a New Year’s Eve party, you can choose a warm knitted dress decorated with a variety of sequins and rhinestones and complement it with spectacular high boots with a comfortable heel.


For a cold season it seems almost an impossible task to compose an evening bow. But it is far from it. Luxury evening dresses are perfectly combined with winter shoes, the main thing is to know what kind of boots to choose. Remember that rough boots, uggs and massive boots in such a bow will definitely be superfluous.

Under the evening dress, stylists recommend choosing elegant half-boots with stiletto heels or short leather boots. It is desirable that the shoes were very simple – without rivets, laces and other unnecessary details.

Shirt dress and wide boots

To create an everyday look suit such a simple tandem as a stylish shirt dress and boots with wide cuffs. Bow turns out informal, free and suitable for going to university, or for a walk with friends.

What outfits can I wear with over the knee boots

What kind of boots to wear a dress below the knee boots?

An elongated dress, as well as an evening dress, is not combined with all boots. Stylists recommend combining it with narrow boots, sitting tight on the leg. Especially good if the dress you choose is complemented by a side slit or transparent hem – in this case the boots will be visible to others when walking.

On-trend color schemes

In addition to the combination of styles, you can not forget about the colors. A harmonious image is, above all, the right colors that complement each other and make the bow complete and interesting.


The eternal classic is a black dress, which should be in the closet of every stylish girl. This color is absolutely universal and perfectly combines with all other shades. The basic black dress can be complemented by bright boots, introducing a note of freshness to the bow, and pastel shoes, which will make the image even more elegant.


Another basic color of dresses is white. To create feminine gentle bows on the basis of such a dress, it is better to use boots of coffee, beige or gray color. A completely white look will also look very elegant, consisting of boots, selected in the tone of the dress.


Dress of a fatal red shade stylists recommend to combine with boots of restrained colors: black, dark brown or beige.


You can use a golden dress to create dressy images. To make the image not too colorful and cheap, complement it with elegant boots on a thin stiletto or heel, made in black, beige or brown.


A bright blue dress can be combined with dark boots or shoes to match the dress. Make the bow softer and more feminine you can, using monochrome light-colored boots.

Choosing a dress to match the boots

We have already talked about how to pick up shoes under the dress so that the image looked harmonious, and, therefore, we can not ignore the process of choosing a dress under a certain type of shoes. After all, often there are only one or two pairs of boots in a woman’s closet. And hence it is necessary to be guided by them, buying those dresses, which will be combined with your favorite boots.


Warm boots for winter are best combined with insulated knitted dresses. Optimal for winter – flat-soled shoes or a low stable heel, which goes well with tight dresses and tunics of medium length.

With brown

Black and brown boots are considered the most versatile. Such boots will suit under dresses of all colors of the rainbow.

Flat soled boots

Flat-soled boots are suitable for casual and work looks. They can be combined with simple knitted dresses or popular in recent times “transformers” – a shirt dress or sweater dress.

In heels

Most women, regardless of the season, prefer to wear shoes with a heel. The heel can be high or low, depending on your preferences. With such shoes are perfectly combined dresses in a feminine style: lace, cocktail, evening.

Rough boots

Contrasting bow is obtained by combining a light feminine dress with deliberately rough boots. Such an image is perfect for young girls who are not afraid to experiment with style.


The most practical and versatile is considered leather shoes. It pleases with its appearance and resistance to all kinds of damages. Leather boots are suitable for any dress. High leather boots, for example, will look appropriate in a coquettish bow with a short dress and low half-boots on the tractor sole will suit a dress-sweater.


Another popular material is suede. Boots made of suede look more dressy. Their velvety surface makes the shoes more attractive and suitable for creating elegant bows with dresses. Suede goes well with velvet or silk. Bows with these boots are ideal for fall or early spring.