What color shoes to wear with all-black outfit

What color shoes to wear with all-black outfit

This article – will tell you how to stylishly and intelligently pick shoes to a black dress.

Almost sure that in your closet just hangs that “little black dress”.

Since the times of Coco Chanel, it has become an obligatory attribute of any stylish girl’s closet. Its relevance remains timeless and fashionable.

But when girls are trying to pick up under it a suitable shoe, they often have problems.

As a result, instead of looking stylish and expensive, their image becomes old-fashioned, ridiculous or vulgar.

So that you don’t make the same mistakes, below I will not only tell you, but also show you 100 perfect footwear combinations with a black dress.

Ready to be the most stylish at an event, in the office or just for a walk?

Then let’s get to the breakdown right now!

What color shoes to choose with a black dress?

Yes, I know, it seems like the answer to that question is obvious and not very interesting.

It’s a black dress! Any color can be paired with it!

That’s probably the first thing you thought of when you read that headline.

But, if you want not just an outfit, but a bow that will gather all the looks of others, do not ignore the right choice of shoes color.

Option 1: Black shoes for a classic combination.

The most obvious and elementary choice. Here is exactly where it is difficult to make a mistake, it is in the selection of black shoes under the black dress.

True, this option can be boring and monotonous, especially if the dress has a classic cut.

So I advise to dilute this ensemble with jewelry, a bag, a belt or a hair accessory.

Option 2: Beige shoes with a black dress for petite legs.

Also quite popular and easy to combine option.

In fact, beige shoes have one important advantage. They visually stretch our legs and visually make them longer.

So, for girls with petite legs, I advise to especially pay attention to this option.

But, there are some nuances. When choosing a color, try to choose a shade that is as close to the color of your feet as possible.

Otherwise, the shoes will take all the emphasis of the image on themselves and will look as unnatural as light foundation on a tanned face.

Option 3: White shoes for those who break stereotypes. 

It’s been said that female friendships don’t exist and white shoes are very starchy.

I don’t know about friendship, but it’s definitely time to fight the white shoe stereotype.

First, white leather is now at the height of fashion, and secondly, with proper care, white shoes will serve no less than black.

So you can safely buy white shoes and wear them with a black dress and not only.

Option 4: Bright shoes combined with a black dress for bold images

You have to take everything from a black dress!

If before you were afraid to buy bright shoes because you didn’t know what to wear them with, the black dress will just solve this problem.

The main thing here is not to miss in the choice of color. Unfortunately for me, some brands keep making shoes in irrelevant colors, and that’s what pushes you to make a mistake.

So before you run to the store, run through the trends.

In the spring-summer 2023 season, the trendy colors of shoes are:

  • animalistic print (leopard, zebra, but most relevant snake);
  • deep blue and purple;
  • metallic shades.

The black dress subdues the slightly provocative nature of such shoes, but at the same time emphasizes the individuality of its owner.

What color shoes to wear with all-black outfit

3 occasions for a black dress: what shoes to wear under each 

In fact, the black dress is a tool that can easily be controlled by shoes.

For example, take a lingerie-style dress made of chiffon, add to it sandals with a heel, and a stunning evening look is ready.

And now take off the heels, put on sneakers on a flat sole, put a basic white T-shirt under the dress, and we are ready to go to the movies or take a walk.

It all seems to be as simple as a child’s constructor.

But just as not all yogurts are equally useful, not all shoes will be appropriate for a particular occasion.

The combination of black dress with rude shoes will meet disapproving glances somewhere at the official reception, and walk around in open-toed shoes will be elementary uncomfortable.

So, before you pick up shoes under the black dress, just think about where you will go in this outfit.

I divided all the occasions for the exit into three categories, and picked up the appropriate shoes for each of them.

Occasion 1. Evening out.

Here I am referring to all social events, eg:

  • prom,
  • a wedding,
  • a wedding, a corporate party,
  • exhibitions, theaters, presentations, receptions,
  • social events, carpet parties, and so on.

I think you’ll agree that you can pick up an image in the same style for all these occasions.

There are, of course, exceptions when a special dress code is negotiated to attend an event. But here I will talk about the basic evening looks.

So, what shoes are suitable?


Shoes, pumps are as classic as the black dress itself.

This tandem is unconditionally doomed to success.

In addition, pumps are basic shoes for a woman’s closet.

If you do not have them yet, I recommend you to plan this purchase in the near future. Sandals are effectively combined with almost any type of clothing and remain in fashion timeless.

Heeled sandals

Another shoe option that will look perfect with an evening black dress.

I recommend to pay attention to the win-win option – sandals with a strap on the shin.

The trick of the strap itself is that it elegantly encircles the shin and visually makes it narrower. As a result, the leg becomes as fragile as Cinderella’s.

Of the things that are sure to look stylish on you – this is it.

Yes, variations with other types of shoes are possible, but to combine them will be already more difficult. There is a chance to look ridiculous in them.

As an example, let’s take shoes with an open toe. This type of shoes is also relevant and suitable for evening out in a black dress.

But, somewhere in the stores or in their closets girls manage to find such outdated models of these shoes, which quickly turn them from stylish beauties to ladies from the past.

On the left is the current model of shoes, on the right – the one that we have already forgotten.

Occasion 2. Casual

Here I’ve compiled combinations that will work for:

  • walks,
  • going to a cafe or a movie with friends,
  • shopping,
  • other everyday things.

The main criterion by which we choose shoes for such occasions is comfort.

Shoes for the day out in a black dress should be appropriate for the weather and comfortable to move.

That doesn’t mean I’m calling for stocking up on galoshes or valenki.

There are many modern, comfortable, yet stylish footwear combinations with a black dress.

High boots

I always say that this pair is just the Chip and Dale of our closet.

In our reality, when lightweight shoes can be worn for only 3-4 months, they are as necessary as possible.

If you pick the right boots, you can stay stylish and not freeze your limbs off at the same time.

Free cut black dresses with sleeves are ideal under such boots.

Rough boots

Another topical option for cold weather.

Here I recommend to forget about the stereotypes about the incompatibility of rough shoes and a delicate dress of light fabric.

Just now this contrast is relevant. If you are tired of looking like everyone else, then this combination is just for you.


A more classic and understandable option for us.

To make the image more comfortable and wearable, I advise you to choose boots with a stable thick heel.

A medium-thick heel will also do, especially if you do not plan to be “on your feet” for a long time.

Sneakers or sneakers

This is already quite a bold image, so in this combination you need to be careful.

If you’ve never tried to wear a dress with sneakers before or if you don’t know how to go about it, I recommend taking a simple white sneakers with a flat sole.

The dress is also better to choose minimalist, without extra decor and accessories.

I assure you, if you can properly combine these two things, this image will be not just comfortable, but also stylish.


Still, we have summer sometimes, so open shoes should also be in your everyday closet.

Sandals will go great with a black loose cut dress made of lightweight fabric.

Alternatively, you can use leather flip-flops or mules as a substitute.

Occasion 3. To the office

The black dress is one of the most favorite options among girls who observe the office dress code.

In the previous paragraphs I have already listed all the shoes that can also fit under the office black dress.

So here I will give a brief description of such shoes and show how they can be combined.

One of the basic rules of office shoes is its closed cut. And although in some companies it is not necessary to follow it, in the examples I will still adhere to it.

By the way, in terms of color, it is better to stick to the base, too.  

Sandals Shoes

This is a universal shoe that will suit to almost any office look.

If you for some reason add tights to the tandem of dress and shoes, then do not forget that they should be as close to the color of your skin as possible. It is better to refuse drawings and synthetic glitter.

Any shoes with a current style. 

Sometimes you want to diversify your office image.

In that case, I advise to choose not the classic pumps, but the shoes of the style, which is actual in the current season.

If we talk about the spring-summer 2023 season, these models are:

  • with a wide heel;
  • with a non-standard heel;
  • with a V-neck;
  • with a square nose.

If the role of the first fashionista in the office should go to you, then do not be afraid to experiment and try any of the above.


An alternative option to pair with a black office dress.

Especially suitable if you do not sit all day in the same office, but move around the city in the cold season. 

Here we should definitely not forget about tights. I recommend stopping at the medium density or thick black tights.