Create An Eye-Catching Image With The Help Of A Lipstick

The right colors are able to help you easily create the desired eye-catching look. That’s exactly why you have to always take your skin tone, eye and hair color into account when willing to apply or try new makeup. Girls rarely take their seasonal color analysis seriously and make lots of mistakes when putting makeup on. Both makeup and outfit have to be suitable for you, such a way you’ll be able to create an unforgettable image.

Choosing the wrong lipstick shade, you not only ruin your overall look, but also start looking much older than your age. The right lipstick color will make it possible for you to always be trendy and fashionable, that’s why you need to be aware of all the most stylish shades to choose from. Purple color is really trendy nowadays, so let’s consider a few looks with purple lipstick on dark skin.

Purple Lipstick As A Trend

Lots of girls believe it’s not worth wearing purple lipstick in everyday life and it’s only suitable for a formal event. Nevertheless, it’s not. Nowadays, stylists and makeup artists suggest girls to give purple lipstick a try and apply it in everyday life. Such shade lets you create a more eye-catching, fabulous look and stand out from the crowd. It’s worth keeping in mind that purple lipstick has to match with your outfit and accessories, as well as it’s necessary you to choose matching blush and eyeshadow.

There is a great number of diverse purple shades, so each girl will be able to find the one which is suitable for her. Brunettes with dark skin tone may choose both vivid and dark purple lipstick, while blondes should give preference to darker purple shades. It’s also worth keeping in mind makeup with purple lipstick shouldn’t be too bright – the lips have to be the focus:

  • if you’re not good at applying makeup, then give preference to nude shades wearing minimum foundation and powder as well as applying natural eyeshadow;
  • if you are willing to emphasize your eyes more, then draw a thin line with an eyeliner and put a little highlighter in the inner corner, as well as contour your face with a bronzer.

Purple lipstick on dark skin lets a lady create a trendy, unforgettable image and always look stylish. Applying a makeup with purple lipstick, give preference to cool tones which match with purple shade and perfectly emphasize dark skin tone.