On The Way To Creating A Stunning Look

The right makeup is able to make you look even more eye-catching, as well as help you emphasize all your good sides. It’s important to be aware of what eyeshadow, lipstick and blush to apply in order for them to look brilliant and match your blue eyes and brown hair. The suitable makeup will make it possible for you to create a stunning look and feel confident no matter what.

Selecting The Right Makeup For Blue Eyes And Brown Hair

It’s worth choosing the makeup colors matching your overall look – your outfit, hairdo and accessories. Metallic and gray shades are perfect for both everyday and formal makeup letting, you create diverse looks and always feel comfortable wearing one or another makeup. Such shades emphasize your blue eyes making them deeper and making the color more saturated.

If you are willing to put on a more eye-catching makeup, then give preference to either cool or warm shades. The first category includes the following colors:

  • indigo;
  • blue;
  • bright blue;
  • ultramarine;
  • cornflower blue;
  • azure;
  • turquoise;
  • aquamarine;
  • navy blue;
  • cobalt blue;
  • lavender;
  • sapphire.

The most suitable warm shades for blue eyes are:

  • chocolate;
  • brown;
  • ochre;
  • terra cotta;
  • caramel;
  • beige;
  • pastel pink;
  • lilac;
  • peach;
  • bronze;
  • corral;
  • golden;
  • copper;
  • dark pink.

You have to not only pay attention to the vividness and saturation, but also take you hair and skin color as well as your outfit into account when selecting the right lipstick color. The following lipstick shades are suitable when it comes to makeup for blue eyes and brown hair: milk chocolate, burgundy, dark red, maroon, marsala, brick.

Ladies with light beige skin color should definitely give preference to red lipstick when selecting the best makeup for blue eyes and brown hair. You can also take such shades into consideration:

  • corral;
  • strawberry;
  • pink beige;
  • scarlet;
  • solferino red;
  • crimson;
  • sangria.

Vivid makeup always looks perfectly on women with dark hair (regardless of their skin tone), however it is not worth putting too much bright accents, but emphasize only one part – lips, eyes, brows, etc.

Natural Everyday Makeup For Blue Eyes And Brown Hair

Too bright makeup isn’t always suitable for everyday life, that’s exactly why it is suggested to give preference to a natural makeup. Natural makeup for girls with blue eyes and dark hair has to include pastel, nude, light tones – light pink lip balm, beige eye shadow, a little mascara and blush complimenting your skin tone.

It’s not required to apply too much foundation and powder in order them not to look like a mask as well as use eyeliner when putting on natural makeup. Give preference to shades which look natural on you and emphasize all your good sides, making it possible for you to feel confident in any situation and spend minimum time of applying makeup.